Monday, 29 September 2014


I got given two beautifully presented Zoella goodie bags and I was surprised how amazing each and every product was.  The perfume which was created by the youtuber Zoella ( Zoe Sugg) is intensely amazing, The smell of sweet and springlike essence is amazing and it immediately was my favourite product. The perfume is perfectly fine on skin and the smell does last for a good amount of time which is wonderful and useful.  There is two types of her own makeup bags such as a every eye-catching blue and white spotty one with a printed picture of her eyes and eyebrows and the other makeup bag is a pretty pink one with an animal on the side which i suggest would be good and suitable for very girly girls! The third product that caught my eye was the scented cream however some people may not be able to use it depending on the type of skin they have e.g. sensitive skin. The Cream smells amazing and it is perfectly fine for skin like mine (non-sensitive).  The last two products are amazing for and evening in and for spending time by yourself relaxing as the candle has a relaxing sweet smell and the other product is fizzy bath bomb cubes which is amazing for a relaxing and non-stressful day/evening.  These products are not for everybody, if you're a girly girl then give it a try. Even if you aren't a girly girl, you may like some of these products featured.
You can buy all products from Superdrugs Store if you live in the Uk, At the moment these products are not available in stores in other countries however you can easily buy these products online and they should be in a good price range for teens and students as it is sold at highstreet stores.
I highly recommend these products and it is just perfect for a small gift.

SuperDrug Website:
Blue spotty makeup bag - £8.00
Zoella Beautiful Mistful Perfume 45ml - £8.00
Zoella's Cream 160ml - £5.00
Zoella Fizz Bar. - £5.00
Zoella Guinea Pig makeup bag - £8.00
Zoella's Candle - £5.00