Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Three Nights At Wembley - 5 Seconds of Summer Review

5 Seconds of Summer, 'Calum, Luke,Michael and Ashton' an Australian band that used to be the support act of One Direction, Since then their fan base has grown rapidly and they are now on their headline sell out tour around the world.  These lads have even more bigger things coming for them.... Good Luck Guys! 

The Band (not boyband) 5 Seconds of Summer had their last three shows of the Uk & Ireland tour 'Rock out with your socks out' at Wembley Arena, London on the weekend. The Lads sold out all three of their London tour dates... Sold Out?! Hell yeahhhh.
 I was lucky enough to attend the shows which were amazing may I add. 

5SOS fans are up to anything to be noticed by the four good-looking  lads,as I walked around the arena the fan dedication was 100% shown from homemade T-shirts to bananas... oh and also parents dressing up #MUMSOS.  
Me and my friend Lauren managed to find some seriously dedicated fans, including these ones in the banana costumes. Many fans made their own T-shirts with 'Irwin' , 'Hood' , 'Hemmings' and 'Clifford' on the back showing their support for these lads! 

5 Seconds of Summer now have their own record label called ' Hi or Hey Records'  where they signed their support act 'Hey Violet'.  Hey Violet were surprisingly good as I thought I
wouldn't enjoy the kind of music they play however I was so wrong! Hey Violet will 100% surprise you with how good they are, not only do they sing their own songs... they give others a chance who may not know their songs,to sing along with some covers as well including 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift. 

As soon as 5SOS came on stage, the atmosphere changed! the fans got even more pumped and ready for the show!  5SOS started their set off by rocking the place down!  I haven't been to a good concert in ages and these three concerts were definitely the best concerts I've ever been too! 5SOS were amazing and I suggest you go see them on their tour which is next off too New Zealand, Australia and America. I promise you won't regret it! During the concert 5SOS invite one lucky fan on stage to play guitar which gets the whole audience pumped! During the second show Michael had an accident on stage which involved the pyro however Michael was back out on stage the next day performing for their amazing fans... shows nothing stops these lads caring about their fans eh?
5 Seconds of Summer also perform their new song 'Permanent Vacation'. 
The Flavourmag Team and Friends!

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photos of Dedicated fans

Lauren and I with two dedicated fans dressed up as Bananas for the

These 5sos fans with balloons expressing their love for the lads.

An awesome banner for the lads support act Hey Violet.

These girls spent three hours preparing their personalised outfits!


Sophie x

Monday, 1 June 2015

Jacob Whitesides - London Show Review

Jacob Whitesides recently finished his first ever European Tour. Jacob Started his career on social media websites such as youtube, Facebook,twitter and vine.  Jacob has had a passion for singing for many years and has successfully started a career out of it.

I was lucky enough to attend one of his London shows  (which by the way... sold out in miniutes). Jacob chose his own talented support act 'Esmee Denters'. Jacob mostly performed his own original songs which was a great experience for fans to hear live for the first time ever! Jacob also sang songs by Ed Sheeran and One Direction which are well known artists everywhere, this gave the opportunity for parents, carers or guardians to sing along as they may not know the lyrics of Jacob songs.
Throughout the gig, Jacob was interacting with fans and making the gig feel more personal. Some fans were even luckily enough to receive a free guitar pick from Jacob. 

Jacob is going to be coming back to the UK very soon as he announces a International Tour! Jacob is an amazing singer that you should not miss out on! 

 To Check out Jacob Visit:
Twitter : @JacobWhitesides 

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Lets get cute with Cutea

Hi Guys, 

I've tried loads of detox teas and I've only found a few that make my check list.

  • It has to taste nice, nobody wants to have a detox when it tastes horrible 
  • You might have to try a few detox teas to get the right one
  • Detox teas with actual tea bags are a bonus, this means you can have the tea anywhere without using a infuser. 

Cutea is most probably one of the best detox teas I've had, Not only does it smell and taste nice... It 100% works!  I was really unsure about this at first because of experiences I've had with other detox teas in the past however I am never going back to another detox tea again! I am absolutely in love with this detox tea. The results started to work straight away, I felt less bloated and throughout the week my stomach started to look flatter which was the best results I've had when drinking detox teas.  I'm so impressed with my results after my 14 Day detox and I can honestly say there is no going back!  

Cutea helps remove toxins from your body so you can beat 'stubborn' body fat,feel great and always look your cutest. 

- Boosts energy & metabolism 
- Increases Fat Loss
- Controls Appetite
- Eliminates Toxins 
- Enhances Skin and Hair

Now you've heard the benefits, you can't possibly say no! With each purchase Cutea provides a child with clean drinking water. 

Follow Cutea on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook - @GETCUTEA

Buy Cutea Now and Lets get Cute with Cutea! or you'll seriously regret it! 

Sophie x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Treat yourself Sunday!


If you live in the UK you'll know that the weather hasn't been so great lately, so spice up your day by treating yourself to a new coat, bag, makeup or anything that makes you happy! 
Being happy makes these gloomy days great!

I thought I would treat myself this gorgeous sleeveless coat from Topshop.

Petite Sleeveless Coat Topshop- £42
Topshop Petite Jeans - £40
H&M Crop - £10
Bag Accessorize - £15

Sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I've been so busy writing articles for FlavourMag and I've recently interviewed The Janoskians and Cody Simpson. I will be posting more regularly   and I have a few surprises up my sleeve! 
Don't forget to treat yourself when the weather is bad! 

Sophie x

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

London Fashion Week - My Experience

This Season AW15, I worked at London Fashion Week which was a very inspirational experience.  I started off by taking models to castings which was really interesting because you got to see what happens behind the scenes. 

This included lots of traveling around London and working long hours. I went backstage to the Fashion Scout (Portugal Fashion) Show And The Amanda Wakeley Presentation which was the most exciting moments of the week. Most people are very stereotypical when talking about models and the fashion industry, many of you might think models do not eat however this is not true. Whilst working at London Fashion Week I've had burgers with models and seen the type of backstage food they provide for staff and the models. The type of food they provide is healthy and unhealthy such as fruit,salad,brownies,crisps,popcorn and cupcakes. This has probably surprised a few people. I got to see how the models get ready for the shows and presentation. Backstage is chaos but very exciting and interesting, it was nice to see what goes on backstage for once. Each and every model looked stunning with the natural makeup and elegant clothing. 
The castings and fittings were very interesting, I came across nice people throughout working at London Fashion Week and I felt very comfortable and at home. During castings models are made to either walk in flats or high heels in front of the designer and her/his team. They should present their 'book' or 'card' to the designer and should be as confident as possible.  I learnt what model scouts look for when scouting for models, I can now tell what type of women and men have the potential to be models.  Amanda Wakeley has amazing designs, I was honestly the heart eyed emoji when I saw her collection. 

See you next season Lfw x 
Tonka getting ready for the Amanda Wakeley Presentation.

Kelsey looking stunning at the Amanda Wakeley Presentation

Tonka looks stunning at the Amanda Wakeley Presentation

Model prepares to practise her walk before the Portugal Fashion Show (Fashion Scout)

My battery went during the show, Tonka looking amazing whilst walking the Portugal Fashion Show . Photo Credits: Unknown.