Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Three Nights At Wembley - 5 Seconds of Summer Review

5 Seconds of Summer, 'Calum, Luke,Michael and Ashton' an Australian band that used to be the support act of One Direction, Since then their fan base has grown rapidly and they are now on their headline sell out tour around the world.  These lads have even more bigger things coming for them.... Good Luck Guys! 

The Band (not boyband) 5 Seconds of Summer had their last three shows of the Uk & Ireland tour 'Rock out with your socks out' at Wembley Arena, London on the weekend. The Lads sold out all three of their London tour dates... Sold Out?! Hell yeahhhh.
 I was lucky enough to attend the shows which were amazing may I add. 

5SOS fans are up to anything to be noticed by the four good-looking  lads,as I walked around the arena the fan dedication was 100% shown from homemade T-shirts to bananas... oh and also parents dressing up #MUMSOS.  
Me and my friend Lauren managed to find some seriously dedicated fans, including these ones in the banana costumes. Many fans made their own T-shirts with 'Irwin' , 'Hood' , 'Hemmings' and 'Clifford' on the back showing their support for these lads! 

5 Seconds of Summer now have their own record label called ' Hi or Hey Records'  where they signed their support act 'Hey Violet'.  Hey Violet were surprisingly good as I thought I
wouldn't enjoy the kind of music they play however I was so wrong! Hey Violet will 100% surprise you with how good they are, not only do they sing their own songs... they give others a chance who may not know their songs,to sing along with some covers as well including 'Blank Space' by Taylor Swift. 

As soon as 5SOS came on stage, the atmosphere changed! the fans got even more pumped and ready for the show!  5SOS started their set off by rocking the place down!  I haven't been to a good concert in ages and these three concerts were definitely the best concerts I've ever been too! 5SOS were amazing and I suggest you go see them on their tour which is next off too New Zealand, Australia and America. I promise you won't regret it! During the concert 5SOS invite one lucky fan on stage to play guitar which gets the whole audience pumped! During the second show Michael had an accident on stage which involved the pyro however Michael was back out on stage the next day performing for their amazing fans... shows nothing stops these lads caring about their fans eh?
5 Seconds of Summer also perform their new song 'Permanent Vacation'. 
The Flavourmag Team and Friends!

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photo Credit: Unknown

Photos of Dedicated fans

Lauren and I with two dedicated fans dressed up as Bananas for the

These 5sos fans with balloons expressing their love for the lads.

An awesome banner for the lads support act Hey Violet.

These girls spent three hours preparing their personalised outfits!


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