Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Inner Rock Chick - Cheap Thursdays!


Are you wondering how to get the rock chick look? Are you unsure how you can look classy at the same time?

I created the ultimate classy rock chick look. This looked can be worn at most occasions such as christmas parties, birthdays and concerts.  A dark blue sparkly top is absolutely perfect for this season, It's pretty and expresses a slightly rock chick look. The black ripped jeans are absolutely essential for the rock chick look, ripped jeans gives an edgy look to your outfit which is perfect to wear for concerts.  I never would of thought of buying open toe shoes before because I never really liked them until I saw these perfect shoes in River Island. The shoes are edgy, classy and give the ultimate rock chick look. 
The cheapest item from this outfit is the top, it's £18 from topshop. It's a good price considering the style and look of it.  To give this outfit an extra rock chick look, a leather jacket is absolutely essential. 

Top from Topshop - £18
Jeans from Topshop - £38
Shoes from river island - £70