Friday, 6 February 2015

5 Makeup Products You Won't Regret Buying


1.  Mac Charged Water Skin Hydrating Mist
2.  Mac Oil Control Lotion 
3.   Bourjois Healthy mix serum (gel foundation)
4.L'OREAL Paris New Nude Magique (Blur Cream)
5. Balmi Lip Balm

As Usual Mac products are absolutely amazing, Mac Charged Water Skin Hydrating mist does exactly what it says on the box. It hydrates your skin,resets makeup and smells absolutely gorgeous . It comes in a 100ml bottle and it lasts every long,It is priced at £17. 
Another great product by Mac is the Mac oil control lotion, this product is a lifesaver for people with oily skin (like me). You can use this day or night which is great for different occasions. The great thing about this product is it controls the amount of oil on your skin and minimises it. It comes in a 50ml bottle and it is priced at £23. You can also buy a travel size bottle which is great for travelling to places that have hot and cold weather, It is a 30ml bottle and it is priced at £10. What a bargain for such a great product. 

Bourjois healthy mix serum is possibly the best foundation (gel) I've ever used, It's very smooth when applied and smells gorgeous throughout the day! It has a 16 hour radiance-boosting even and a revived complexion.This is priced at £10.99.
I 100% recommend this product because it's absolutely amazing! The only downside is it's only a 30ml bottle however you can buy a similar product, Bourjois Foundation (Radiance Revel) which is £9.99

L'OREAL paris are known for great makeup products and the New nude magique (Blur cream) proves this.  It absolutely works wonders, it blurs pores and refines skin texture.  I rely on this product a lot because it makes my skin look amazing most of the time. It has micro-blur technology concentrated with light reflectors which causes a blurring effect for a flawless nude complexion. This is priced at £9.99 and it is absolutely worth buying. I've heard you can get similar versions but I have yet to try them. 

Balmi lip balm is perfect for the cold weather, everyone gets bad chapped lips during cold and windy weather however this can be prevented or smoothed by using Balmi lip balm. I got this product for £2.00 due to a deal however it is usually priced at £4.99. Balmi lip balm comes in different flavours and different colour packaging, the one i'm using at the moment is 'Coconut'. I recommend you treating yourself to a Balmi lip balm, It's honestly worth it.

(All prices listed above)
Have a great day,
Sophie x