Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Casual Valentines Day- What to wear! SS15

Hey Guys... Yes! It's that time of year again, Valentines Day is upon us. Are you still deciding what to wear? but you don't want to look too dressed up? Well you're in luck because i've put together a few outfits that you wouldn't think look nice together but do.  

Casual outfits are amazing, it makes you look more sophisticated and trendy. My Valentines Day outfits include a bomber jacket.. Yes a bomber jacket! It's in season right now for SS15 and it goes with absolutely everything!! A bomber jacket gives you a more casual look. 

Purple Bomber Jacket H&M - £49

Top From Topshop - £18
Topshop Jeans - £48 
TopShop Shoes £38

 Skirt American Apparel - £49
(jacket, shoes and top prices above)

Dress American Apparel - £60
(jacket, shoes and top prices above)

 The reason I chose these colours and outfits are because it's not your stereotypical valentines day outfit. It something different that would make you stand out but in a good way. Each outfit would look amazing for valentines day. You must go and buy yourself a bomber jacket, It's in season at the moment and looks great with any outfit. 

Have a great valentines day whatever you're doing! Comment below on your favourite outfits or what you liked. 

Sophie x