Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Leather? The Trend is Back! - The London City Girl


                         Hi guys, sorry for not being as active as usual. Leather has come back into style.. YES LEATHER! 
The excitement is real! I recently brought a leather skirt, I was full of excitement.. I couldn't wait to wear it! Leather skirts and trousers are back in style for this season. Want to experiment? Go ahead you won't regret it! the best thing is.. we can get leather skirts and trousers in different colours!! Remember not to over do the leather.. a leather jacket and skirt would not look good in my opinion. 
Accessorising is very important, a clutch bag or handbag is a must have when wearing leather. 

Is leather only for special occasions and parties? Certainly NOT! Leather can be worn anywhere, any time.. you'll still look good! *inserts heart eye emoji* 
                                            Do you dare to wear leather?

My Look :


Top - £18.00 from Topshop 
Leather Skirt - £14.99 from H&M
Tights - pack of 4 from H&M £4.00

Dare to wear leather... have a good week!

Sophie x