Thursday, 20 November 2014

Get the Fall look!


I really wanted to get the 'perfect' fall outfit as I didn't bother last year and I wanted to try something different. The weather in UK is chilly already which makes it hard to decide what to wear as I hate having layer after layer. So I decided to wear a cute skirt from h&m, a vest top from Brandy Melville, Knee high socks from Primark and cute little heels from Topshop. These items of clothing are probably not warm enough for complete outside bipolar british weather however you can add a few items to make it suitable to wear outside, such as Skin tights which gives you an extra layer and still allows the knee high socks to look good! A cardigan and a leather jacket will still look fashionable and still keep you warm.  Scarfs and Beanies are an extra bonus, It still allows you to look good, keep warm and it's definitely not bulky. 

Vest Top Brandy Melville - £14
Skirt H&M - £7
Socks Primark- £1
Shoes Topshop- £45